Towards a European Foundational Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Body of Knowledge

European e-Skills 2014 Conference
e-Leadership and IT Professionalism

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European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge version 1.0

A ‘go-to’ reference for the ICT professionals of tomorrow

The European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge includes different knowledge areas of the ICT domain ranging from a strategic to a technological perspective. The reasoning behind this is that every ICT professional should have knowledge of both strategy as well as technology (of course varying in balance depending on the job one works in). These knowledge areas are presented as a continuum. There are three knowledge areas that were selected to be ‘cross-cutting’ the ICT discipline, of which soft skills is an important one. Each knowledge area describes the various elements one needs to master, and provides reference to the e-Competence Framework, to possible job profiles and to specific knowledge (in specific existing Bodies of Knowledge and/or certifications). This function of referencing is one of the key strengths of the model – as it allows for anyone to understand what comes next. Base-level knowledge is required to start an ICT job, after which one has to further develop specific knowledge, competencies and skills to grow and explore a career path.

And then there should be the reference to the different Knowledge Areas ( see EU Foundational ICT BoK word doc)

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